Keswick In Motherwell 2017


Keswick-in-Motherwell 2017 will again be held at Dalziel St Andrew’s Church, located right in the heart of Motherwell. (Adjacent to the GLO Centre). It’s good to be able to have everything – evening celebrations, seminars, exhibitions – in one location and we are grateful to Rev Derek Hughes and the congregation for the use of the excellent facilities.



The main evening celebrations will begin at 7.30pm and conclude approximately at 9.15pm


The two morning sessions on the Friday and Saturday will run from 10am till noon: 2 x 45 minute sessions with a 30 minute coffee and fellowship break in the Keswick Hub (A room specifically set aside for refreshments that will also be open each day from 3pm to 5pm for coffee/teas etc.)


The Missions Exhibition area will be open each day from 3pm to 5pm, 6pm to 7.20pm and then from 9.15pm to 10pm.


There will be a special “Prospects Celebration” in the GLO Centre on the Friday evening from 7.30pm till 9.15pm for those with special needs. (More details to follow)

Book Free Tickets For Keswick In Motherwell


Keswick-in-Motherwell is a free event and open to all. However it does help immensely with planning if we can gauge the numbers for each evening. And so we have a ticket system in place. We encourage people to apply for tickets and if there is a group coming we can reserve a section in the sanctuary for that group. Tickets will be available from 1 July and we’ll let you have more information in our next newsletter.

Contact or call us on 01698 254848 to book your ticket.

Keswick In Motherwell 2017 UPDATE



June already! Hard to believe how fast the year is going and so although it’s about three month’s   until this year’s Keswick-in-Motherwell, no doubt it will be upon us before we know it.


Hopefully you are planning to be with us this year on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th September. We have a great programme lined up and we’re delighted to be having two excellent speakers with us: Paul Mallard, who will speak at each of the evening celebrations and David Gibb who will conduct two seminars on Friday and Saturday mornings.


Paul Mallard is a much loved and well known speaker at the main Keswick Convention as well as many of the local “Keswicks” throughout this country and also abroad. Since being called to the ministry in 1982, Paul has served as pastor of churches in Chippenham and Worcester. For four years he was part of a pastoral team in a church in Birmingham while being engaged in itinerant ministry throughout the UK. He has recently become the pastor of Widcombe Baptist Church in Bath. Paul is married to Edrie and they have four children and five grandchildren.


Canon David Gibb is pastor of St. Andrew’s Church in Leyland, Lancashire. An excellent Bible teacher who is known for his faithful exposition of God’s Word. A frequent conference speaker both home and abroad and one who has guided St Andrews’s into a thriving church that is a beacon to all in Lancashire and further afield. (Two of those who died in the recent Manchester terrorist attack lived in Leyland, in David’s parish.)


Our desire is that you will find the teaching at Keswick-in-Motherwell to be Spirit-filled, Christ     exalting, Word centred and God glorifying so that you will be edified, equipped and transformed by the Spirit. We are confident the ministry of Paul and David will be invaluable in achieving the   aforementioned.


The worship at each of the evening celebrations will be led by “Heath Robinson”, a duo who have been with us for the past few years and whose ministry has been greatly appreciated. “Heath       Robinson comprise of Harold Heath and Chris Gaskell from the Greater Manchester area.


Each evening we will have special guests joining us, contributing to the overall impact of the         celebrations.